Hello & Welcome!

Hi everyone and welcome to my shiny new blog! First let me introduce myself – I’m Aphra and I’m going to be accompanying you on my ramblings through the wonderful world of crochet!

I first ventured into this yarny kingdom (or queendom maybe?) when I was 8 and my grandmother bought me a “My First Knitting Kit” for Christmas. I still have the first scarf I ever made and although it took me about 4 years and several do-overs I love it! I fell out of touch with knitting over the years, making my way through a number of other crafts, before finding my back to it about 6 years ago when I made my wife a pair of socks for Christmas. After a few uninspiring knitting projects I decided I wanted to try making a toy. Well boys and girls, when (several failed attempts and many swear words later) I came across the term “amigurumi” the stars aligned and my love of crocheted critters was born!

Almost 3 years ago now I published my first pattern on Etsy (a rather sparkly Unicorn who, although now retired, does have a sister pattern still available) and have been trickling along happily ever since. I’ve decided now though that 2019 is the year to start getting more serious about this little hobby of mine and to see if I can’t make some of my dreams come true!

Along the way on this little adventure of mine there may be the occasional side step into my wildly overgrown garden. Maybe even the odd foray into DIY as I attempt to turn my Victorian terraced house into something gorgeous (cough cough, right now somewhere with all its doors, walls and windows in the right place would be acceptable)! Please excuse these meanderings and feel free to keep to the path of yarny goodness rather if you prefer!

I hope you enjoy spending time in my little corner of the internet. It’s my hope that you will all feel comfortable here, like you would in your best friend’s living room (nothing ever really compares to your own living room don’t you think?), and that you’ll enjoy reading my musings. I would love to hear back from you about anything you would like to see more of, or less of, so please don’t feel shy about speaking out, I really don’t bite!

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Hello & Welcome!
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Hi! I'm Aphra. As well as being a self confessed crochet addict I'm a big Disney and Harry Potter fan. I hope you'll make yourself comfortable here and join me in my yarn-fuelled adventures!

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