The Best Free Amigurumi Easter Crochet Patterns of 2019

The Best Free Easter Crochet Patterns of 2019

Hi there, how are you?! I’m so excited about Spring at the moment! The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are singing. It all makes life seem just that little bit shinier don’t you think?

With Easter coming up in just over a week I’m sure you’re all on the lookout for some quality crochet patterns, right? Will you be making them before hand ready for the break? Or are you looking for something to keep your hands busy over the long Easter weekend? Either way I’ve got you covered! I’ve been trawling the internet over the last few weeks to find some of the best Easter crochet patterns around. Some are free, some are premium, but all are wonderful and I really hope you enjoy them!

Free patterns!

We all love a freebie! Here are a few of my favourite free Easter patterns, they’re well written and are guaranteed to give you great results!

1. The Easter Eggs by the Clumsy Unicorn

Free Easter Egg Crochet Pattern

Well I can’t leave out my own pattern now can I?! I’ve named these little Easter Eggs Egbert and Egatha and they would just love to take part in your Easter egg hunts! They are particularly good at hiding mini eggs around your house, but be careful to watch them or they might take a few nibbles out of them as they go!

2. Classic Stuffed Bunny by One Dog Woof

Floppy-eared stuffed bunny crochet pattern

This is an absolutely beautiful bunny, and super cuddleable (is that even a word?!). Part of the big charm of this bunny is the gorgeous fluffy yarn that he’s made with which makes him look almost like a fabric bunny. The blog post for this pattern is also a good read, with an account of her thoughts before starting the design process that I can absolutely identify with!

3. Spring Bunnies by All About Ami

Crochet Spring Bunnies

This bunny is small and simple, but no less cute for it! The contrast in the ears and on the bottoms of the feet is a lovely touch and would really set your bunny apart from the crowd.

4. Easter Bunny-Egg by Lalylala

You’ll meet Lalylala again later on in the premium patterns section of this post. The Lalylala patterns are so beautifully designed that it’s difficult to resist making all of them, but a quick and easy starting point would be these bunny-eggs! How many different colours of them wil you make?!

Premium patterns!

I’m sure you’re all asking “Why on earth would I pay for a pattern when you’ve just shown me how many great free patterns are out there?!” Well let me tell you! Free patterns are great, especially if you already have some basic crochet skills, but nothing truly compares to the quality of the premium patterns I’m about to show you! They’re well written, beautifully designed and generally choc-a-bloc with photos and step-by-step guides. These premium patterns will absolutely give you top quality results whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter!

1. Lupo the Lamb by Lalylala

Anyone who has been crocheting for a little while now will probably know all about Lalylala and her wonderful crochet patterns, but just in case you don’t I’ve added her Lupo the Lamb pattern into this list in to this list! She also has a pattern available for a set of 3 chubby little critters which you might be interested in – the 4 Seasons Easter Special.

I actually own this pattern and although I haven’t managed to find time to actually crochet this little lamb I have had a good read through, and let me tell you, it is wonderful! Beautifully laid out with lovely clear descriptions of anything that you might find tricky, and even an ingenious method for creating tiny pom-poms!

2. The Amigurumi Egg Hunt 2019 by Airalli & Irene Strange

Easter Egg Crochet-Along Rabbit Pattern

Both Airali & Irene Strange design brilliant patterns for some of the cutest amigurumi around. When they realised their first collaborative pattern last year, the Amigurumi Advent 2018 CAL, I jumped right onto it. I enjoyed it so much I decided to take part in their second joint adventure, the Amigurumi Egg Hunt 2019!

So far we’ve met Alfie the bunny, Walter the pig and their friend Lyla the deer. We’ve also made them several pieces of food, some lemonade, a picnic basket and a rug for their Easter lunch!

All the items in this pattern are beautifully thought out and when finished will make the most lovely playset!

3. Emma the Bunny by Toft

Crochet Pattern for floppy bunny toy

Have you come across Toft yet? Kerry Lord has created a whole world of gorgeous, floppy crocheted animals and monsters – there are over 200 of them now! I’m lucky enough to live less than 30 minutes drive from the Toft studio and it’s one of my favourite places to visit on a sunny weekend day.

The patterns themselves are fairly basic, without all of the step-by-step photos that you get from some designers. However, there are video guides on her website for all of the stitches used. The patterns are also rated as to their difficulty so you’ll have some idea of what to expect when you buy one!

The main attraction point of these patterns to me though is the Toft yarn. It’s 100% sheeps wool and is beautifully soft and squishable. It doesn’t make the most hardwearing toys, but they are certainly some of the most huggable that you’ll come across! If you can stretch to a kit definitely do, you won’t regret it!

4. The Rabbit by The Clumsy Unicorn

Easter Bunny Rabbit Crochet Pattern

Of course I can’t leave out my very own pattern – The Rabbit! He’s happy to respond to The Easter Bunny as well if you’d prefer to call him that! In this photo he’s holding his little Easter Egg friend by the hand which is made using the free pattern I designed for my very first blog post.

I worked really hard on this little bunny to create a beautiful pattern for you, with step-by-step photo guides for each of the more tricky techniques. There are also guides to sewing up (something that I personally struggled with when starting out, and still my least favourite part!).

Please let me know if you make one, or several! Don’t forget to tag me in any photos that you share on social media using #clumsyunicorn so that I can see your makes!!

Phew! That was a marathon of Easter crocheting! Have I missed any patterns that you think should be included in this list? Please let me know in the comments!

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The Best Easter Crochet Patterns of 2019!
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