How to… Single Crochet

Hi! How are you? I hope you’re having a great day, full of sunshine and rainbows!

If you’ve found your way here – welcome! You obviously have great taste since you’ve decided to learn how to crochet!

I taught myself how to crochet 3 years ago now and what adventures I’ve had since then!

I’ve travelled through fantasy realms full of unicorns and fire breathing dragons.

There have been woodlands full of rabbits and foxes and bears.

Oceans teeming with mermaids and whales and octopus.

But most of all there has been a world of dreams and imagination made of yarn. So much squishy yarn!

Oh, that sounds like your kind of thing? Then hello, let’s be friends!

But before this world can truly be yours you’re going to have to learn a few things. And the first thing you need to learn is Single Crochet!

But I can’t start with single Crochet! And I want to start now! How do I start?!

Be patient boys and girls, we’ll get to that soon! Unfortunately for you the main starting point for lots of patterns is the magic circle. And to do the magic circle you need to know how to single crochet!

So here goes…

First – how to hold your hook and yarn. I’m right-handed so I hold my hook in my right hand and yarn in my left hand, but if you’re left-handed this will probably feel more comfortable in reverse. You want the yarn to be taught, but not too tight. To do this you want to stretch the yarn over your first finger and over the back of your hand and wind it between some of your other fingers. The way you hold your yarn is called tensioning. Everyone has their own method for this so my best advice is to just keep practising until you find a way of holding the yarn that feels right and comfortable for you!

1. The first step in single crochet is to insert your crochet hook through a stitch in the previous row of your work.

2. Next you want to make sure the hook is underneath your stretched yarn and facing up. This is called a yarn over.

3. Pull your hook backwards, twisting it to the left as you go until by the time your hook is at the stitch it’s facing down and the yarn is securely held by it.

4. Continue pulling backwards until the hook pulls the yarn through the stitch. You will now have 2 loops on your hook.

5. Push your hook forwards (but not through the stitch this time), again making sure that the hook is facing upwards and underneath the working yarn. This is the second yarn over that you perform as part of a single crochet stitch!

6. Pull the hook backwards, twisting it as you do so until the hook is facing down just before the 2 loops.

7. Pull the yarn through both loops. You now have just one loop on your hook and have completed a single crochet stitch!

Now that you know how to single crochet you can officially call yourself a crocheter! Welcome to the gang!!!

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How to… Single Crochet
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Hi! I'm Aphra. As well as being a self confessed crochet addict I'm a big Disney and Harry Potter fan. I hope you'll make yourself comfortable here and join me in my yarn-fuelled adventures!

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