About Me

Hi, I’m Aphra, welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I started The Clumsy Unicorn for with the aim of being the best site for amigurumi and crocheted cuteness on the internet. I know right, lofty goals!!

Whether you’re a crochet newbie looking for tutorials or an amigurumi wizard looking for new patterns I hope you’ll feel at home here!

What is The Clumsy Unicorn? Is it a blog? Is it a store? Is it for me?!

The Clumsy Unicorn is for anyone who wants to crochet, especially if you want to crochet toys or amigurumi!

I work hard (although some might call it play!) to create cute, quality patterns to inspire you and to spread happiness and creativity throughout the world.

You can find all of my patterns in The Clumsy Unicorn store, complete with an advert-free downloadable .pdf pattern and LOTS of step-by-step photo instructions.

You don’t need that much detail? No worries, all of the patterns are available for free on my blog as well!

“But I can’t crochet!”

Of course you can, you just haven’t learnt how yet! The Clumsy Unicorn is working on a comprehensive series of “How to…” articles so that anyone (yes, you too lefties!) can learn how to do any of the techniques that are mentioned in my patterns.

What’s the story behind The Clumsy Unicorn?

Back in late 2015 I was scrolling through Pinterest when I came across the most adorable photo of a knitted dinosaur. “I can make that!” I thought. BUT… I couldn’t find the pattern to go with the photo! And although I learnt to knit when I was 8 years old, let me tell you that making up my own pattern for a knitted toy was the hardest thing I have EVER tried to do!

With many swear words and a pile of frogged yarn it was back to the internet I went. And this time, somewhere down the deep dark rabbit-hole of Instagram I stumbled across “amigurumi”. Straight away I knew that this was the thing for me!

But I wasn’t a crocheter!

In fact I had never so much as picked up a crochet hook in my entire life! So off down the rabbit warren of blogs I went to try to work out how to do it…

Many (many, many) hours later I sat down with my new skills and my grandmother’s crochet hook and crocheted my very first creation – a tiny pink unicorn that I called Sparkles.

Oh my goodness, the magic of seeing her come to life before me! For me there really aren’t many feelings in this world that are better than that!

That magic is what I want to share with you! I truly believe that this world will be a better place if we can all spread a little piece of happiness. If my little creations can make just one person smile then I’ve done what I set out to do!

What’s next for The Clumsy Unicorn?

I have such big plans for The Clumsy Unicorn! Want to know more? Why not follow me on Instagram or Facebook? I can promise sneak peeks and piles of cuteness!

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