Hi! My name is Aphra and I’m a crocheter, crafter, unicorn-lover and tea drinker.

I live in a lovely little village in the middle of the Northamptonshire countryside with my wife and our 2 cheeky house-rabbits Buffy & Billy. We spend our life mostly drinking tea whilst playing board games, or chilling out to some Disney+ whilst I crochet away on my latest project!

I first picked up a crochet hook in the winter of 2014, after my attempts to knit a toy dinosaur were a complete failure. I should add that I didn’t have a pattern, and hadn’t picked up my knitting needles for several years prior to this, so I probably shouldn’t have been surprised!

I’m a big fan of working things out myself, so whilst trying to fix the latest problem with my knitted dinosaur I came across a picture of a crocheted toy dino instead – and OH BOY did it look good! So I did some reading, and then some more reading. I watched a few YouTube videos. Oh, and of course I had to have a shopping trip to pick up a hook and some new yarn!

Finally I picked up my shiny new hook and my lovely new yarn and set to work crocheting my first ever crochet project, a tiny pink Unicorn by the name of Princess Sparkle. I was SO proud of her! She’s looking a bit battered now and at one point lost one of her eyes (don’t worry, I patched her up!), but she helped get me through a rough patch at work and, most importantly of all, got me hooked on making toys from crochet.

Since then there have been several other unicorns and countless other animals besides!

I hope that through my patterns and kits (coming soon!) I can help you experience some of the same magic that I feel every time a finished animal comes off my crochet hook, and help you on your way to becoming an addict like me!

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