Free Crochet Cloud Pattern – Claude the Cloud!

Hey you! How are you? And more to the point what’s the weather like with you?! Well, however it is outside you can have blue skies and fluffy clouds inside, because here is my free crochet cloud pattern!

We’ve had some lovely weather recently haven’t we? Blue skies with fluffy white clouds everywhere. It’s almost feels like summer’s on the way! Although since I’m in the UK it’s highly likely that this is the best that we’ll get so I’m trying to make the most of it.

I’ve always loved the symbols that you see on the weather forecast so I decided to try to crochet one. And of course, being an amigurumi maker, I decided to give it a cute little face, a name, and a happy little personality as well!

As soon as I was done designing this little free crochet cloud pattern for you I just had to carry on, so he has 3 good friends that you can make too – Sandra the Sun, Roger the Rain Cloud, Sally the Snow Cloud & Rowena the Rainbow. I hope you have fun with them!

Premium Pattern for Claude the Crochet Cloud

Because one of my main goals is to spread as much happiness as possible throughout the world this version of Claude the Cloud’s pattern is published completely free!

However, if you need a little bit more help then don’t worry – you can find a premium version of her pattern on LoveCrafts, Etsy and Ravelry that comes as a completely ad-free PDF file, with with 32 step-by-step photos!

Not bothered about the extra help and just want the bare bones? No problem, just keep reading!

Tools & Materials

Crochet Hooks:

2.5mm – (You can use whichever hooks you have to hand but I like to use the Clover Amour hooks – they’re lovely to hold and super light so that you can keep crocheting for longer without your hands getting tired!)


Ricorumi 001 – White – 25g (1 ball)

Ricorumi 011 -Pink – Approximately 2m – (Since you only need a tiny bit of this colour yarn, if you have any left over from a previous make then feel free to use than instead of buying a whole new ball!)

Small amount of Anchor Perle Cotton No. 5 in shade 403 or DMC Pearl Cotton No. 5 in shade 31

Alternative Yarns & Colours:

If you prefer to use a different yarn then go right ahead and use whichever you like! Just remember, that using a different yarn will probably result in your cloud turning our at a slightly different size to mine.

If you want your cloud to look as close as possible but can’t get hold of Ricorumi then I’ve listed the colour alternatives for Sirday Happy Cotton and  Scheepjes Catona here. The colours won’t be an exact match, but they are pretty close!

Ricorumi 001 (White) = Sirdar Happy Cotton 762 (Shower) = Scheepjes Catona 106 (Snow White)

Ricorumi 011 (Pink) = Sirdar Happy Cotton 760 (Flamingo) = Scheepjes Catona 238 (Powder Pink)



10mm safety eyes

Yarn needle

Embroidery needle


sc – Single Crochet

inc – Increase

dec – Decrease (using the invisible decrease is the best option for amigurumi)

*….* rep x … – Repeat the instructions between the stars the stated number of times

(number) – Number of stitches in the round

The Crochet Cloud Pattern!

Step 1 – Claude the Crochet Cloud’s Body

Make 1 in your white yarn

Round 1 – sc 6 in Magic Circle

Round 2 – *inc* rep x 6 (12)

Round 3 – *inc, sc 1* rep x 6 (18)

Round 4 – *sc 1, inc, sc 1* rep x 6 (24)

Round 5 – *inc, sc 3* rep x 6 (30)

Round 6 – *sc 2, inc, sc 2* rep x 6 (36)

Round 7 – *inc, sc 5* rep x 6 (42)

Rounds 8-11 (4 rounds) – sc 42

Round 12 – sc 10, *dec, sc 2* rep x 6, sc 8 (36)

Round 13 – sc 36

Round 14 – sc 13, *inc, sc 1* rep x 6, sc 11 (42)

Round 15 – sc 16, *inc, sc 1* rep x 6, sc 14 (48)

Round 16 – sc 19, *inc, sc 1* rep x 6, sc 17 (54)

Round 17-25 (9 rounds) – sc 54 – Mark stitch 17 in round 18 & stitch 18 in round 24 with some scrap yarn.

Round 26 – sc 18, *dec, sc 2* rep x 6, sc 12 (48)

Round 27 – sc 15, *dec, sc 2* rep x 6, sc 9 (42)

Round 28 – sc 12, *dec, sc 2* rep x 6, sc 6 (36)

Round 29 – sc 36

Round 30 – sc 15, *inc, sc 1* rep x 6, sc 9 (42)

Round 31-35 (5 rounds) – sc 42

At this point add the safety eyes through the stitches that you marked in rounds 9 & 16. Once the eyes are secured stuff up to the current point firmly before continuing.

Round 36 – *dec, sc 5* rep x 6 (36)

Round 37 – *sc 2, dec, sc 2* rep x 6 (30)

Round 38 – *dec, sc 3* rep x 6 (24)

Round 39 – *sc 1, dec, sc 1* rep x 6 (18)

Now finish stuffing the remainder of the crochet cloud.

Round 40 – *dec, sc 1* rep x 6 (12)

Round 41 – *dec* rep x 6 (6)

Step 2 – Closing Up the Body

Cut the yarn leaving a short tail then pull through the final stitch.

Close the small hole that’s left (if you need a tutorial for this step click here).

Finish off by securing the yarn end, then thread the yarn end into the body and cut off any excess.

Step 3 – Embroidering the Pink Cheeks

Using your yarn needle with the pink yarn embroider a small
horizontal line just below each eye, with the two cheeks slightly wider
apart than the eyes.

Step 4 – Embroidering the Smile

Using an embroidery needle with the black pearl cotton embroider a mouth onto your cloud. Back stitch tends to be the best stitch for this, and sewing through the centre of each stitch rather than through the gaps will give a smoother appearance.

Your Crochet Cloud is finished!

Looking for your next crochet pattern? Why not check out my Crochet Weather Patterns series and make your crochet rainbow a friend or two!


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