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A Tutorial in How To… Neatly Finish Amigurumi

Hi! So – you’ve learnt how to start your amigurumi with the magic circle, how to single crochet, how to increase and decrease and now you need to know how to finish off neatly? Then this is the place for you! I’ve tried practically every method possible for this so that you don’t have to. Get yourself comfortable, pull out your wip and let me show you how to finish off your amigurumi neatly!

Pin For Tutorial In How To Neatly Finish Amigurumi. Text Reads "Neat Finish For Amigurumi! A Crochet Tutorial For Beginners".

Before we start it’s important for you to know when you need to use this technique. Not every piece that you make will need it, this technique is solely for those items that you make that are going to be closed objects. This means those items that you need to stuff as you go, like a body or a head. Often arms and legs are finished with open ends which need finishing in a totally different way!

The Anatomy of
a Neat Finish for Amigurumi

Before I show you exactly how to finish your pieces off neatly I just want you to have a close look at what exactly the finished item should look like. There are so many ways that you could finish off your pieces (and I’ve tried most of them!) but I find this the neatest. If you look at the images below you can see the Magic Circle on the Left hand side, starting this little crochet ball. On the Right hand side is the other side of the ball, neatly closed up using this method. See how similar the 2 sides look?

Magic Circle

A Face-On View Of A Magic Circle Used To Start A Pale Pink Crocheted Sphere Shows How Similar It Looks To This Neat Amigurumi Finish

Neat Finish!

A Face-On View Of The Finishing Of A Pale Pink Crocheted Sphere Shows A Neat Finish With No Hole Remaining In The Last Round

In order to show you how I finish off my amigurumi I’ve pre-made this sphere. A lot of amigurumi parts are sperical, or nearly spherical so it should give you a good idea of what you’re aiming for!


Step 1 - The Final Stitch Of A Pale Pink Crochet Sphere Has Been Performed As A Slip Stitch Rather Than A Single Crochet To Give A Neater Finish

Perform your final stitch before the finish

Most patterns will tell you to finish off your final piece with a single crochet stitch. While that will look ok I find that if you make a slight alteration and slip stitch the final stitch the finish is a little neater. So whether it’s a standard stitch or a decrease (it’s likely to be a decrease!) I’d recommend performing it as a slip stitch rather than a single crochet.


Step 2 - The Yarn Has Been Cut Leaving Around A 12 Inch (30 cm) Tail

Cut the yarn

Once you’ve finished crocheting you need to cut the working yarn, leaving a long tail. I normally leave around 12 inches (30cm) of yarn, which gives me plenty to play with!


Step 3 - The Yarn Tail Has Been Pulled Through The Final Stitch And Threaded Onto A Yarn Needle

Pull the yarn through

Pull the tail end of yarn through the final stitch and thread it through a yarn needle.


Step 4 - The Needle Is Inserted Up Through The Front Loop Of The Next Stitch

Sew up through the front loop of the next stitch

Moving towards the left in a clockwise direction (the same direction you move in when crocheting) sew through the front loop of the next stitch along, from the outer edge towards the centre.


Step 5 - The Stitch Has Been Pulled Through And Step 4 Has Been Repeated Through Each Of The Remaining Stitches In The Final Round

Repeat step 4

Repeat step 4 until you have sewn through each of the stitches in your final round. This is typically 6 stitches, but check the pattern as it may be more or less than this!


How To Neatly Finish Amigurumi - Step 6

Pull the tail of yarn

Once you have sewn through all 6 stitches all that remains is to pull on the tail of yarn until the hole begins to close.


Step 7 - The Yarn Has Been Pulled Until The Hole In The Centre Of The Final Round Has Completely Closed Up

Keep pulling!

Keep pulling on the tail of yarn until the hole completely closes up – this is exactly the same as you did during the magic circle when you started crocheting! You may find that the closed up round forms a little bump pn the surface of your piece – don’t worry about this, you can flatten it out over the next few steps.


Step 8 - The Tail End Of Yarn Is Being Threaded Through The Centre Of The Closed Hole Using A Yarn Needle

Sew the yarn tail through the centre of the closed hole

Take your yarn end again, and sew it right through the centre of the closed piece and out a few rounds lower down. Pull on this tail end until the bump (if there was one) flattens out and your piece looks nice and smooth.


Step 9 - The Yarn Is Being Secured By Being Sewn Back And Forth Through A Few Of The Crochet Stitches In The Sphere

Secure the yarn end

To secure the yarn end and keep the closed up hole from loosening over time sew the tail end of your yarn through 2 or 3 stitches. To make it extra secure repeat this 2 more times, alternating directions and moving down to a new round of stitches each time.


Step 10 - The Remaining Yarn Tail Is Being Threaded Into The Centre Of The Sphere Using A Yarn Needle

Hide the yarn end

To hide the loose end of yarn thread it into the body of your piece using the yarn needle.


Step 11 - Any Remaining Yarn Is Pulled Tight And Cut Off So That The End Springs Back Into The Body Of The Piece And The Amigurumi Is Neatly Finished!

Cut off any excess yarn

If you have any excess yarn, sew out of the other side of your piece and cut off any excess. If you pull the yarn tight before cutting it then once cut the very end should spring back inside your piece to be nicely concealed.

Well done, that’s amazing! Your amigurumi creations are going to look so professional now that you know how to finish them off neatly!


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