Free Crochet Sun Pattern – Sandra the Sun!

Hi guys! I think the sun came out earlier today for 5 minutes – yay!! Are you a sun lover like me? I can’t stand miserable grey days!

After I finished making Claude the Cloud I thought he might feel happier with a friend. So out came the yarn and hook… and look who turned up a few hours later! (And not long afterwards Sally the Snow Cloud and Roger the Rain Cloud turned up to join them! Who will you make first?!)

Do you like her? I’m so happy with how she turned out, and her sun rays give a little variation to the endless single crochet of most amigurumi for a little fun and challenge!

Sandra the Sun

Tools & Materials

Crochet Hooks:

2.5mm – (You can use whichever hooks you have to hand but I like to use the Clover Amour hooks – they’re lovely to hold and super light so that you can keep crocheting for longer without your hands getting tired!)



Ricorumi 006- Yellow – 25g (1 ball)

Ricorumi 026 – Tangerine – 25g (1 ball)

Ricorumi 011 -Pink – 25g (1 ball) – (You actually only need a tiny bit of this colour yarn so if you have any left over from a previous make then feel free to use than instead of buying a whole new ball!)


Alternative Yarns & Colours:

If you prefer to use a different yarn then go right ahead and use whichever you like! Just remember, that using a different yarn will probably result in your cloud turning our at a slightly different size to mine.

If you want your cloud to look as close as possible but can’t get hold of Ricorumi then I’ve listed the colour alternatives for Sirday Happy Cotton and  Scheepjes Catona here. The colours won’t be an exact match, but they are pretty close!

Ricorumi 006 (Yellow) = Sirdar Happy Cotton 788 (Quack) = Scheepjes Catona 280 (Lemon)

Ricorumi 026 (Tangerine) = Sirdar Happy Cotton 792 (Juicy) = Scheepjes Catona 208 (Yellow Gold)

Ricorumi 011 (Pink) = Sirdar Happy Cotton 760 (Flamingo) = Scheepjes Catona 238 (Powder Pink)


For the mouth:

Small pieces felt in dark red and pale pink

A small amount of Anchor Stranded Cotton or DMC Stranded Cotton in the corresponding shades (I used DMC 814/Anchor 45 and DMC 3326/Anchor 36)




10mm safety eyes

Yarn needle

Embroidery needle



sc – Single Crochet

inc – Increase

sc … tbl – Single Crochet the stated number of stitches through the back loops

dec – Decrease (using the invisible decrease is the best option for amigurumi)

ch – Chain Stitch

dc – Double Crochet

slst – Slip Stitch

*….* rep x … – Repeat the instructions between the stars the stated number of times


Premium Crochet Pattern
for Sandra the Sun!

Do you need a little bit of help and support with this pattern? Would you like a beautiful pdf version that you can print out and take with you on your travels?

Well then, you’re in luck! Sandra the Sun has a gorgeous premium pattern that I’ve written especially for you!

Over 11 pages you’ll find clear instructions, as well as 54 photos to help you produce a perfect Sun.

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Step 1 - Sandra's Body

Round 1 – sc 6 in Magic Circle

Round 2 – *inc* rep x 6 (12)

Round 3 – *inc, sc 1* rep x 6 (18)

Round 4 – *sc 1, inc, sc 1* rep x 6 (24)

Round 5 – *inc, sc 3* rep x 6 (30)

Round 6 – *sc 2, inc, sc 2* rep x 6 (36) – Mark Stitches 12 & 21 in round 6 with some scrap yarn.

Round 7 – *inc, sc 5* rep x 6 (42)

Round 8 – *sc 3, inc, sc 3* rep x 6 (48)

Round 9 – *inc, sc 7* rep x 6 (54)

Round 10 – *sc 4, inc, sc 4* rep x 6 (60)

Rounds 11-15 (5 rounds) – sc 60

Rounds 16 – sc 60 tbl

Rounds 17-21 (5 rounds) – sc 60

Round 22 – *sc 4, dec, sc 4* rep x 6 (54)

Round 23 – *dec, sc 7* rep x 6 (48)

Round 24 – *sc 3, dec, sc 3* rep x 6 (42)

Round 25 – *dec, sc 5* rep x 6 (36)

At this point add the safety eyes through the stitches that you marked in round 6. Once the eyes are secured stuff up to the current point firmly before continuing.

Round 26 – *sc 2, dec, sc 2* rep x 6 (30)

Round 27 – *dec, sc 3* rep x 6 (24)

Round 28 – *sc 1, dec, sc 1* rep x 6 (18)

Now finish stuffing the remainder of the sun.

Round 29 – *dec, sc 1* rep x 6 (12)

Round 30 – *dec* rep x 6 (6)

Cut the yarn leaving a short tail then pull through the final stitch. Close the small hole that’s left (if you need a tutorial for this step click here) and finish off by threading the yarn end into the body.


Step 2 - Sandra's Sun Rays

Round 1 – Hook your yarn through one of the front loops and ch 1, *ch 1, sc 2 in front loops* rep x 30, slst into the space formed by the 2 ch stitches at the start of this round

Round 2 – ch 4, dc into the first ch space, *dc into the next ch space, ch 2, dc into the same ch space* rep x 29, slst into the space formed by the 4 ch stitches at the start of this round

Round 3 – ch 2, dc 2 into the first ch space, ch 2, dc 3 into the same ch space, miss a ch space, *dc 3 into the next ch space, ch 2, dc 3 into the same ch space* rep x 14, sl st into the space formed by the 2 ch stitches at the start of this round

Cut the yarn leaving a short tail then pull through the final stitch. Fasten off the yarn by sewing it backwards and forwards through a few stitches and cut off the excess.


Finishing off


Using your yarn needle with the pink yarn embroider a small horizontal line just below each eye, with the two cheeks slightly wider apart than the eyes.


Cut out a semicircle of dark red felt and use an embroidery needle to whip stitch it onto your cloud’s face centrally below the eyes, using a matching colour of embroidery thread.

Next cut out a tongue shape in pale pink and use a matching colour of embroidery thread to sew it on top of the darker red semi circle.

Finally for an extra perfect finish sew a line down the centre of the tongue to give it a little shaping.

Your sun is finished!

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